This is a website about my RS1800 adventure… I own this car since 02-02-2007 and since there has been a load of work on it. At first when I bought the car the head gasket was blown to pieces. The previous owner already started to remove the head. I have picked it up with an trailer and put it in a parking lot in the front of my house. After a couple of day’s I received my cylinder head back. So I could put the car back together. When I got the car together the engine and gearbox worked perfectly. But the tire’s and wheel bearings worn out very fast. In the first couple of months I replaced 3 sets of front bearings until we discovered that a hub was slightly bend. So this time we replaced the hub and bearings of the driver’s side of the car. We also aligned the car. From then all the worn tyres and broken bearings were gone.

After this experience and a load of kilometres of driving I decided that it was time for some more horsepower. So I bought an Ashley 4-2-1 exhaust from engine to bumper. With an inner diameter of 60mm. I also fitted an aftermarket engine management system from DTA which I bought from my English mate Martin. He also build the loom for the engine. After I fitted everything I have asked the dad of my mate Roy to transport the car to Postma motorsport to map the ECU. Although the dyno was rated to 140 BHP they managed to map it. Although the car runs a little rough and it couldn’t pass the Dutch MOT. But what was it fun. Roy and I also tried some Methanol 5 litres to a full tank. That makes the car a lot quicker and much more responsive to the throttle.

But since it didn’t passed the Dutch MOT. I decided to take the whole car apart to give it a good bodywork repair. Tis took a load of time. We also have strength welded the whole chassis to make it more stiff. I also fitted the rear disk brakes of an escort RS2000 early version. Changed the brake setup from crossed to front and rear. I have tried to make it work with the standard pedal box but that wasn’t a success. I received from Martin an OBP pedal box I have fitted that and that works very well. We fitted an Gearbox from a Ford Focus ST170 which is an 6 speed close ratio. So Roy and I fitted the gearbox. Which needed their own driveshaft’s.

The car had a complete respray in Seagrey an official ford colour.

There are only a dozen of little jobs to do before the car can hit the road again.